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BLOG / December 20, 2016 3:53 pm

Some other activities:

1. Import-Export turnover: export turnover of the company reaches over 7 million annual dollars, growing steadily over the years.

2. Profits: Profits annual implementation of the company reached 15% of the total capital and consistent growth over the years. The company plans to 2020 will reach 20-25% profit on capital.

3. The income of company employees: Currently the average income of employees in the company an average of 7 million / person. The company aims to 2020 earnings of employees will be 10 million / person and increases with the years.

4. Other activities: The Company strives to stable import and export, real estate management and general services. To 2017, the Company will plan construction project multifunctional building on the site of the Company to use land efficiently and profitable for the company.
Above is the whole operation of the company in recent years and the current period, the Company will strive to stabilize gradually in all aspects of planning and development Company in accordance with specific conditions and development of the country.

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